Aluminium Perforated Panel
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Aluminum perforated wall cladding panels

It also be called aluminium perforated facade panel, 3D wall panel, aluminum small hole expanded metal sheet gutter guard etc, it is a light metal materials good for exterior and interior decorate.

With glass and stone,it bring curtain wall new life and choice. which can make light through building to make buildings attractive. Also, it is fireproof A2.

Single aluminum panel is shaped from high quality aluminum alloy

Base material models is usually 1100H24,3003H24 and 5005H24

Normally thickness is 1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mmm,3mm,4.0mm and so on

The shaped aluminum panel can reach 1600mm*4500mm

Surface:PVDF guarantee single aluminum panel excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance

Aluminum perforated panels mainly consists of panel, reinforcing rib and corner. Panel and reinforcing rib strengthen single aluminum panel’s intensity and stiffness,the two assured its ability of wind resistance and panel flatness in long term use.

Aluminum perforated wall cladding panels-Single aluminum panel feature
Light weight,good rigidity and high strength
Wonderful in weather resistance and corrosion resistance
Good work ability,which can be made into panel,arc panel and hyperbolic panel
Wide color choice,good for matching
Strong self-cleaning capability and low maintenance cost
Long use life for more than 10 years
Easy and simple installation
High safety,never detaching

Aluminum perforated wall cladding panels-Single aluminum panel application
Wall cladding ( exterior & interior)
Ceiling & Roof
Vehicles & Container
Furniture board & Door
Bus stop & Tunnel
Elevator decoration  and so on

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