Aluminum Corrugated Panel A2 Fireproof
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Aluminum corrugated core composite aluminum plate is also called aluminum aluminum composite panel. It use AL3003H16-H18 aluminum alloy material, the aluminum panel is 0.8-1.0mm, the core sheet thickness is 0.3mm, and it is fully automated production. 

Aluminum corrugated core board, also can be called aluminum three-dimensional board, is an improved honeycomb panel that does not require the expensive unit price of aluminum honeycomb panels, but is stronger and lighter than aluminum honeycomb panels. Its composition is all metal, no plastic components, environmentally friendly and fireproof, but it has the characteristics of aluminum plastic plate omelet processing. The patented three-dimensional physical structure,with the same rigidity, it is much cheaper than the coated solid aluminum plate. The appearance is diversified, whether it is imitation stone, imitation wood or brushed mirror.

With A2 fireproof feature, it a good choice for buildings
Strength Panel install

Height advice more than 20mm
With Silicon to adhesive strength panel and 3D panel
  • Strength Panel
  • Connection
  • 3D panel
Advice distance for the strength panel is 1m each one
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